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Going the Extra mile Towards Successful Learning! 老师的一小步,学生的一大步

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Students nowadays have relied too much in technology and tend to forget life skills and culture. Even in the classroom setting, teachers teach while students work on computers. During student’s free time, they're unable to manage their time on studying and instead, play computers games. This leads to students’ poor study habits and finally getting low marks. The truth is we should draw their attention into our subject, especially in learning foreign language.


As an educator, what more should be done to get students interests?


Yes, we should go the extra mile towards successful teaching- learning process!

But the Big question is HOW?


I am your Teacher Richnel in Henan Maple Leaf International School, LEP.  I am teaching the senior high school foundation students- Communication skills, and Pre-school kindergarten. Yes, you read it right. My task this term is to nurture different levels  at the best of my ability.


I wanted to highlight in this article the importance of classroom activities. I believe that in order for students to become an active player in the learning process, an environment must be created with great deal of opportunities to engage students to be an active player of the  T-L process.  




Recently, in the oral Communications Skills Class, one of the hottest topics was Food and culture. Instead of learning by books, I brought them in an authentic setting where students can learn practically- in the food lab. Students didn’t only learn about recipes and kitchen stuff but also the culture of people, eating etiquettes, and special delicacies of some countries around the world.  They had chosen to make their own version of spaghetti/ pasta since it is easy to prepare. This activity manifests cooperative learning and develops stronger friendship amongst them. According to Constructivist Theory of learning, the best way for students to learn is learning by doing. This will address students' varied learning style and preferences.  



Attention grabbing is a must!


I realized traditional teaching isn’t enough, thus the aid of more interactive classroom activities make learning more inspiring and fun!


This term, I am also lucky to be teamed up with one of my hardworking colleagues in our department, Teacher Abe. We both teach the foundation course.




In his class, he introduced the tea culture. It was fun learning the Chinese culture in depth.  I had fun learning with students during the activity.



Realization: “Understanding the different types of tea is like understanding the various backgrounds of students. As teachers, we should know the exact taste that suite the students. Teacher Abe and I realized that learning shouldn't be too stressful rather  interesting!”


Moreover, learning doesn't only dwell in the four corners of the classroom. One day these kids may be working in some parts of the continent and they can recall the learnings they had when they were at school.


My friend has once told me:

“Don't limit yourself on the things you can do. Go out of your comfort zone and go the extra mile in teaching.”   She and her encouragement moved me amazingly and made me love teaching profoundly.


This school year is indeed challenging and enjoyable.





When it comes to teaching- learning resources, they are just one click away. Internet provides great sources of everything; however the implementation and application of these educational resources is within the teachers’ capability for greater outcome. By developing an interactive and conducive classroom, it can eliminate passive students, establish student’s classroom participation, and most importantly encourage students to be confident in their communication especially in the English Language.


“A student’s disposition to work in a classroom is strengthened by a corporate sense of purpose. In a systematic instruction, it is usually necessary for the purpose of the work to be the responsibility of the teacher.”



I am always proud of my profession- A teacher!